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I am married with two married daughters and four grandchildren. 

We moved to Columbus, Georgia from Roosevelt Road, Puerto Rico in 1976 with a 13 month old and another to be born in July.  My husband began his civilian law practice after a decade as a Marine artillery and then JAG officer. 

I had been a teacher for 5 years and wanted to be a home maker staying at home with our daughters.  I enjoy preparing delicious healthy food, growing flowers and vegetables, sewing and volunteering at church and in the community.  I couldn’t imagine going to work with two children under two.

By the time our younger daughter started kindergarten I was volunteering 40 hours a week.  I wanted to continue to make a difference while I created income for family trips, school activities and college funds.   Keeping time freedom was important.  I wanted to have it all! 

A few years earlier my sister told me about a wellness company operating with the Golden Rule as its philosophy.  I was busy with two preschoolers and didn’t listen to her.  What does a sister know!  However I was impressed by her loyalty to the environmental household products. 

A couple of years later I received a letter offering me the opportunity to earn income, a car and trips while working from home.  At first I was skeptical but when I discovered it was the same company, I decided to give it a try.  I was a biology major with no business experience but living in harmony with nature resonated with me.

When I changed brands of nutrition products, I got rid of my monthly crabby days, cramps and blood sugar plunges and gained new energy.  The household and laundry products worked much better than other “good for the earth” brands.  Our clothes and house were clean without the fumes that made our noses twitch! 

My friends noticed the changes and wanted to do what I was doing.  Soon I had earned an all-expense trip to San Francisco and an Aerostar van for my 40th birthday a few months later.  

Here's to your freedom!

Linda Harp