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I love working with open-minded, coachable people, who are serious about getting ahead.

Would that describe you? If so, please read on...

You see, the economic crisis we still haven't fully recovered from has been a stark reminder to the insecure situation most people live in.

People who lost 40% of their savings are now unable to retire. And all those lost jobs are being replaced by low income part-time, paper hat jobs.

This only adds to the sense of urgency I feel to help people like yourself discover what I've learned about designing a better life with an online business.

I don't mean just helping you earn more money and acquiring more 'stuff'.

I'm talking about a real change.

A change that can allow you to re-design your lifestyle and create a better living where you have more time, better health, more security and more mobility.

Some are coining this the "New Rich."

These are people who live a luxury lifestyle without being millionaires.

The key to making this happen is to unlearn what you were taught in school about earning money and learn what the wealthy do that the poor and the middle class don't do.

But this doesn't just magically happen overnight as so many gurus would have you believe. You need to create something that generates this passive income stream.

And this something that I'm referring to is known as a 'network for product distribution'.

This means you need a high quality product with a loyal consumer base.

I won't go into the nuts and bolts of this now. However, I can say that a distribution network allows you to gain leverage, and in today's e-commerce landscape, even regular non-techy types can capitalize on this emerging business model.

I won't say that becoming an online entrepreneur is easy. It's not.

But it is fairly simple and has relatively low start-up costs compared to a traditional business.

And if you follow a plan and you have an experienced guide who can show you the ropes, you can see growth quite quickly.

But if you don't have a guide, you can easily wander in circles and at best, take far longer than needed and at worst, become discouraged and give up.

And this is why you may want to work with me.

When you join my team, you get:
    One-on-one coaching from me.
    In-depth training on the exact process needed to build your business online.
    Access to free weekly training and support conference calls.
    Access to free educational webinars that teach you how to use marketing and other important skills.
    Access to proven tools which help you attract traffic, capture leads and create sales online.

If you think that's you, then let's connect and discuss the possibilities of working together.

Linda Harp